Hyperion Marketing helps build a lasting digital community. We focus on trust, engagement, and true customization - no two communities are alike.


Game Development

It's not enough to have a Twitter account and send codes to streamers. You need to share your story and develop a community who will respond and react to your projects! How do you do that on a shoestring budget?



Your project needs to build a community who will promote you, far before release dates. How do you get started? What content do you share and when? Where does your community engage, and how? 


MObile apps/Software

Apps engage audiences in fantastic ways, but the market is already saturated with mobile apps. How do you stand out, and deeply connect with users? How do you make sure your audience doesn't abandon you after one open?

Look, we don't like the term "data driven" but data is critical to everything we do. Engagement can be measured, and we want proof that we help make your community amazing.


So, what exactly does Hyperion do?

We develop a custom engagement strategy for every company we work with, because we build on the work you've already done to better interact with your audience. Our strategies are flexible, easy to understand, and provide clear goals - we want you a part of the process every step of the way. 


Digital Marketing

Look, we can't just define the whole of digital marketing in this one paragraph. But here's what we can tell you - we've seen it all, and we can help you figure out what's best for you when building your community. It's important to keep in mind that social media is only a piece of the puzzle! Independent of platform, our goal is to entrench you as a meaningful part of the broader established community with actual content people want to come back to see. 



Thought leadership, in its truest form, is an independent focus from a standard marketing campaigns. It can take many forms, and it's a powerful way to engage your audience as they understand you're the place to go for the right answers. Even if you're not the biggest company with the largest ad budget, key people in your community can turn to you for advice and leadership if you have the right approach.


Competitive INtel

For some high-competition industries, CI is an important step in the marketing process. Do you know what your competitors are acutally doing? Do you know how your audience interacts with your competitors? Even as a small to medium size business, you should have a clear picture of the topography of your local industry. We help our clients perform research in 3 key areas: Audience activity, competitive threats, and industry trends.